Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dear Readers,

I am taking a hiatus from Mad Medicine.

I have instituted an employment ban on myself.

For the past decade of my short life, I have focused solely on the attainment of my medical degree, completing two years of internship and the year of community service in 2009 that inspired this blog in the first place. The first half of this year found me floundering around in unchartered waters: namely, formulating a life-plan for myself, one that was not predestined by the rules of the Department of Health.

For the first time in forever, I can choose whether or not to work. And I can enjoy the luxury of waking up late on a Saturday morning, in fact every single Saturday morning, consecutively, in a row, knowing that next weekend I will not be on call, and can enjoy breakfast at 11am again while reminiscing the craziness of the previous night's party.

So for the next few weeks I have chosen unemployment.

Which means, no patients. (Besides the friends and family who call regularly for advice and prescriptions.)

I'm going into hibernation for a little while, and Mad Medicine will lie dormant while I focus on another little literary adventure....

Feel free to read older posts, and reminisce on the journey you took with me during the escapade of 2009/2010...

Thanks for all the encouragment, criticism, and hilarity.

Thus, I leave you with the everlasting and ominous words of the Universe...I mean, Mr Universe:

"I'll be back."

(Arnold Scwarzenneger - for those of you too young to know about Terminator)


Stupidosaur said...

Heck! My internet connection got restored today! And this is the first blog I visited! And this is the first post I got to read. Written today too! :P

Anyways is pydroanc some medical term? Its my word verification anyhow.

Well enjoy the parties and leisurely breakfasts! And may we have periodic sneak peaks at your other literary pursuit? Please? Please, please?

FemgineerFatale said...

This freaking feedjit thingy says I'm in Limpopo but I'm not. Eish, I think this internet cafe needs to sort their settings. Anyhoo. Enjoy the break, hun! I'm just a tad jealous.

FemgineerFatale said...

Oh, and I like the modifications to your page's design. More read-able now but still funky

Dr S said...

Hello darlings!!

Stupidosaur: Nobody gets a sneak peak, but nobody! Although, you will be the first to hear about it should it prove successful...ho hum!

Femgineer: Are you not in Limpopo? YOu are such a local jetsetter nowadays that it wouldn;t suprise me if you were! XXX

Ketan said...

Aww shit! My little procrastinating self! I had been thinking why is Dr. S not posting something new?

And then suddenly, I see this post! :( It makes me feel like crying, seriously!

See, that is why one's blog should not get too thematic. See the title of my blog, for instance [of course, a lot I do is exemplary! :P ]. Imagine, had your blog not had the word 'medicine' in it, you might have still blogged about what you had for breakfast, what drugs did you add to it to make it tasty, or if some movie you'd have enjoyed, some of your joys and insecurities of life. But see, you limited the scope of your blog so much!

Anyway, I am happy for you (except for that selfish little self that wants to read your blogs at the cost of your effort!). I always felt you were working too hard, living too much for others (sorry, that's just a personal view).

I hope, this free time will allow you to think about yourself and your life, and some of that wisdom will trickle down in your blog. :)


Dr S said...

Hello Ketan, stranger! From commenting on each one of my posts to ignoring me completely, well I won't say I'm not happy that you're back for a visit!

I agree, my blog is very specific. But that was totally and utterly intentional and I was aware of the limitations of that from the very beginning.

I think it's better that way.

I'm not particularly interested on commenting on the latest movie or book - there are a hundred million websites out there who can do that.

As for sharing personal insights about life - life has been medicine so far, so perhaps I'll start a new blog about the other parts of my life - but then on second thought - everyone does that too...

So Mad Medicine will unfortunately always have a medical theme...and anyway, everyone knows you have to ease your audience...can't just give it away for free in one go!

Perhaps - the "other thing" I'm working on will reveal a little bit more about my private life...

Don't worry, my first follower, I'll be back in a few weeks with a few more stories for you to criticise! ;) :)

Keep blogging!

Dr S said...

And by "ease your audience" I mean "tease"!!!!

Stupidosaur said...

Its up to you when to announce your 'other pursuit', but here is mine...

Since you have/had a few photo blogs here on the right panel, hope you see something you like!

Besides, pixels are universal language, so you might actually understand the posts unlike the other blog where half of the stuff didn't make sense to you because it was in Hindi, and other half didn't make sense because it was all senseless anyways! ;)


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