Sunday, January 27, 2013


Driving home from work along the busy N2 highway ( the site of many pedestrian fatalities), I was happy to see a pedestrian actually using the overhead pedestrian crossings instead of the life-threatening mad dash across the road that usually happens. So I took a picture....
Sorry did I say pedestrian?
I meant COW!
A cow.
A COW strolling like it ain't no thang across the overhead walkway.
Apologies for the poor quality photograph...but it was the best I could do while travelling at 120km/hr.
Moments like these always remind me of Leonardo Di Caprio in blood diamond. T.I.A. mofos, T.I.A.
Understand T.I.A. here


Patrick said...

Loving how you decry the pedestrian road-crossings while taking a photograph at 120km/h.

Dr S. said...

Oh dear Patrick...I feel you are missing the point.
Please pick any response from below:

a) The great iphone is great. I didn't take it, Siri did.

b) Ja, but when I'm traveling in my lamborghini, 120km/hr is only really 30km/hr in normal car terms.

c)Look at the cow. I repeat, a cow! If I didn't take a photograph, no one would believe me.

d) this photograph was only possible because "I reached into the place inside myself where nothing is impossible" ;)


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