Thursday, February 26, 2009

Danger Pay

Christ, it's one pm and I haven't gone to sleep yet.

Was on call last night, again, in the trauma unit. (necessary weekly shopping this morning and insensitive banking hours got in the way of my beauty sleep)

The powers that be are very generous after a night on call. When your shift ends at 7am, they force one final EFF YOU down your throat and make you see ANOTHER 20 patients before they release you from the torture chamber. This, besides bordering on illegal, greatly increases the risk of killing yourself, or others on the way home. I frequently do illegal things driving home out of sheer sleep deprived stupidity.

  • I consider picking up hijackers...I mean hitchhikers. stupid stupid!
  • I mix up red means stop and green means go. As if i'm colour blind.
  • I close my eyes when stopping at robots or stop streets for a five second power nap before driving on. I pray that the nap supports my melted brain until the next traffic light. Nutty, I know.
  • I consider having an accident just to prove to everyone that this system of working us to the edges of our sanity is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I think my death might be revolutionary in health professional circles. I imagine them toyi-toying outside parliament in protest to our long working hours...eventually succeeding in a better future for all and the alleviation of poverty and the realisation peace...

See, really retarded behaviour when I'm post-call.

Basically, we should get danger pay. that's all I'm saying.

Quick little sweet story about last night:

Police rush in four MVA (motor vehicle accident) victims. They insist that the patients be seen ahead of the 30 that are already in the queue. I ask them why they're in such a rush? They inform me that the victim in the other car, that died, his family are outside the trauma unit, and are waiting with guns to shoot the driver for killing their brother.

Eager not to get shot myself, I heed their advice, examine them and get them the hell out of there.

Happy to report I have no bullet wounds this morning. I'm on again on Monday so maybe then? I'm so post call right now I'm considering getting shot just so that I can get some time off.

retarded mumbo-jumbo again.

Must sleep.
will try to dream about kittens and puppies.

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