Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Education is an Extreme Sport

This one's for Dr "Kitty" M.

Two weeks ago I threw myself out of a plane.


Granted, I had a professional skydiver strapped to my back.

Furthemore, the professional skydiver had a parachute strapped to his back.

The combination of these two facts resulted in a thrilling, exhiliratingly extreme experience, at 9000 feet above my beautiful city.

Yes, I know. I willingly chose to put my life in danger.

I didn't want to be left out, you see. Life-threatening extreme sports are what everyone is into nowadays. And by everyone I mean schoolchildren.

Like the 17 year old patient of ours today who was stabbed in the heart by his fellow pupil at school.

Serves him right for being foolhardy enough to want an education, I guess.

He died, after being rushed into our emergency unit,
after having his chest cracked open in the front room,
after being sped off to theatre by our valiant surgeons.

He died by bleeding to death on the operating table.

Fuck bungee jumping off Bloukrans.

Fuck skydiving.

Next on my adrenaline rush list... school on the Cape Flats.


Alia said...

SUPERB WRITING! please can i write like you when i grow up?

ps: these passages make me long to return to my homeland so i can make a difference...

Dr S said...

You can send us your pounds, that would make a HUGE difference!!!!


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