Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the subject of Sex Ed...

Let's keep going with this sex-ed theme:

Last year, when I was a lowly intern, I worked in a similar, though much less busy community health care centre in the middle of Cape Town.

On my first day there, I was presented with my consulting room ( the tiniest one as I was way down at the bottom of the medical heirarchy.)

I wondered who I had inherited this room from - it was pretty shabby which was to be expected, but it seemed like it was equipped with the basics.

However, it turned out it was WAY more equipped than necessary, as while rummaging around on the back shelf for gloves, I came across an interesting package.

The package was long, and phallus shaped with a picture of a sexy girl in a bunny outfit on the front. I wondered where this package came from , but then it told me itself of its origins when I read the words "Adult World" printed on the front.

Curious, I opened the package, but my keen doctor's detective brain was already pretty sure of what I was going to find inside...and lo and behold, there was a large pink fleshy dildo complete with suction base just chilling out in the bottom of the box.

I suddenly felt very naughty. "Is this why the doctor's here are all so relaxed?", I wondered. How kinky! How inappropriate. I decided to report this matter to the senior doctor, who simply showed me the dildo on his back shelf which was much bigger and had testicles to go with it.

Typical, I thought, the intern always get's the short dildo, I mean straw.

Turns out they were bought as hospital aids to show patients how to put condoms on correctly!

How progressive! How innovative! I loved it! I pulled that dildo out in as many consultations as I deemed was appropriate. The scary thing was that most of my patients were really grateful as they honestly were clueless about condom application.

Now whenever I work in a new clinic I make sure I have a good rummage on the back shelf - who knows what one will find! So far it's just been dead cockroaches and mice droppings. That dildo was the first, and probably the last back shelf treasure I'll ever discover.

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Ketan said...

Interesting! Hope to see you more often on the blogosphere. Take care.


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