Thursday, April 2, 2009

SNVL (1)

Now, not much shocks me anymore. However, every so often one of my patients manages to elevate themselves to stellar plateaus of indecency.

So this is episode one of SNVL. If you are a sensitive reader...abort this blog post immediately.

The police brought this particular gentleman into the unit one morning. He was a known Schizophrenic who had defaulted on his meds. Did I mention that he was also self-medicating with TIK ( crystal meth) and was completely cooked when he came in.

He was impossible to interview as he was psychotic and screaming at the top of his lungs. Not an unusual occurrence, however, the content of his speech was something like aural rape.

What he said was in Afrikaans slang, so the shock factor is slightly depleted upon English translation. I'm going to enlighten you anyway...this is what he was saying...don't say I didn't warn you...

"Ek naai net die wit vrouens! Ek naai net die wit vrouens"

I only fuck white women. I only fuck white women.

"Ek naai hulle in hulle bekke in"

I fuck them in their mouths

"Dan lag ek as hulle will opgooi"

Then I laugh when they want to throw up

"ek likes it as my saad agter in hulle bekke slat"

I love it when my seed hits the backs of their throats.

"dan trek ek my piel uit en ek mors op hulle gevriete."

Then I pull out my dick and mess on their faces.

At this point, the policeman decided that he'd heard enough and apologised to me for the patient's behaviour. I watched him take that guy outside the unit. I'm not sure I want to know what happened after that, but when he returned the patient was no longer an aural irritation and behaved quite decently. For five minutes. Then it started again....

"ek naai net die wit vrouens..."

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