Monday, June 15, 2009

I'll just die if I don't get my hands on that jacket!

I'm a fashionista.

I'm obsessed with clothes.

I'm a woman so this is not really that suprising, but sometimes I even amaze myself at the outfits I come up with. Can I just brag a little bit and say that I've won two best-dressed awards in the last three years: the first being at the end of medschool,( Best dressed student) and the second at the end of internship (best dressed intern).

That being said - not even I would go to the lengths this guy, my patient, did for fashion:

My patient last night was absolutely distraught. He was crying when he told me that while he was walking home he was held up by five men who demanded that he give them his money.

This he did willingly.

They then did the unthinkable horrific thing of asking him to hand over his wool-lined leather bomber jacket.

*insert blood-curdling-fashionista-scream here*

This man absolutely refused.

So the assailants pulled out their gun,and held it threateningly to his head.

Despite impending death, the man still refused.

Was this jacket a family heirloom? No.
Was it the last thing his father wore before dying a hero in the war? No.
It was just a really good-looking well cut real leather jacket.

The enraged gunmen, then used the back of the gun to butt him on the head, and forcibly removed his jacket.

My patient, instead of thanking his lucky stars that they did not shoot him, ran after them screaming and demanding that they give his jacket back, which is when they decided to stab him.

Did I mention that my patient was gay? Not that it's of any significance, other than the fact that only a very fashionable gay man could have more passion for clothes than a woman.

If only I had my awards with me last night I would have instantly, unthinkingly and ceremoniously presented them to this man.

Some women will kill for clothes. Some gay men , apparently, are prepared to die for them.

p.s. This post is dedicated to my mom, from whom I inherited the style gene.


Anonymous said...

My dear smart beautifull child, thanks for the post! You should see what i have purchased for you clothes wise in Oxford Str, UK this week. See you soon, love mom

Roxy said...

Can we swap moms for a bit. Not that my mom's not stylish. But she's not shopping for me in Oxford street.
I was involved in a smash and grab a year ago - my bag and coat were together on my seat and the little %#^&@# tried to take both. The bag was nine west and the coat was burberry.
I broke his finger and saved the coat.

Anonymous said...

Roxy, dont you know by now in SA you NEVER leave anything exposed in your car!!!! Put your bag under your seat and feet when you drive and even the coat should be securely locked in the boot! Dont be envious of the Oxford Str shopping, its not out of choice that i am living in the year round grey skied UK! Dr S's mom.

Dr S. said...

Mom- you are hilarious. Also - you can comment as yourself and not as anonymour - ( just type in your name in the "comment as" box.)
Roxy - I would heed her advice. But, kudos on breaking the guy's finger - pity about the bag, but thank God you saved the coat! I think Nine West is more readily available than Burburry in CT!

Mom said...

Oh forgot about that poor victim! Pity i gave all the old bomber leather jackets away recently otherwise i would have asked you to take it to that poor victim. Dr. S see what we have at home dear to put a smile on his dial.

Ketan said...

Wow! I never knew it could feel so nice to break into a mom-daughter conversation. ;)

I'm an absolute antithesis to 'fashionable' when it comes to clothing. I'd joked to one of my good friends that "no style is also a style!", and since then my being understated and occasionally, rash in matters of clothing are construed as 'trying to be different' :( Whereas the fact is I've no time to "try" to be different when the fact is I indeed am :p

I can't even sympathize with your patient--he was so funny!

Hope you're doing well, and if I'm not wrong, it's just 3 weeks remaining?


PS: Considering your mom's comments were as enjoyable to read, could I recommend her getting a blogger account for herself?

Mom said...

Ketan, whoever you are, thank u thank u for the suggestion of a blog!! I dont think i will be getting my own blog anytime soon though! On the subject of your dress sense, you need a stylish woman in your life and if that is not possible, charisma, good manners and intelligence will override style any day!

Mom said...

Oh by the way Ketan, you are in India right? Well we have something in common, ie my maternal grandfather emigrated to SA from India round about 1905! He was a dear man who i remember with great fondness.

Ketan said...

Dr. S' mom (it feels so weird to address you like that :( ),

You seem to have done quite a bit of research on me already!

Oh yes, I have oodles of charisma and intelligence. And good manners--er maybe I ought to be a bit more modest? ;)

Your daughter seems to have inherited the 'humor gene' also from you apart from the 'fashion gene' :)

Stylish lady in my life? Hmm... the idea's good but unfortunately, such decisions are not made unilaterally ;)


Dr S said... about everyone get's back to talking about the posts. Mom- you are not allowed to give away family secrets! I'm trying to remain anonymous! :)

Ha Ha!!!! I'm finding all of this hilarious.

By the way Ketan - being modest is the worst form of bragging. Being humble is more acceptable. But modest - ugh! My worst!

Roxy said...

Look at this whole conversation going on in the background of Dr S's blog. I like.
Dr S's mom, i have come to the realisation that nothing can be on my seats. Unfortunately, that happened at a time when I was still young and naiive, and had faith in humankind. Epic fail.
However, thankfully, I was on my way to my shrink, who I was seeing for Post Traumatic Stress. So I got immediate counselling. Very convenient!


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