Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ode to the yellow drip

Oh Yellow Drip!

How magical you are!
News of your powers have certainly spread far!

When the curse of "no power" strikes.
You, Oh Yellow Drip, help us to fight!

Vomiting, diarhhoea, TB and AIDS,
When they see the yellow drip,
Their severity fades!

Nothing is better than your strength and power.
Not even president Zuma's Aids shower!

That was for the medics in the audience.

I know you guys know what I'm talking about.

I know you're probably ROFL right now.
And I know that you're laughing for all the wrong reasons.
I also know what those reasons are, which is why I'm laughing.

If there are any non-medics out there who know what I'm talking about - say so and you WIN a lifetime's supply of yellow drips to keep you healthy.



Roxy said...

A saline solution loaded with Vitamins, which us non medics usually use to combat hangovers? Also known as "Jet fuel"?

Dr S said...

Clever clever girl, Roxy! You are most enlightened - jet fuel it is! You are now entitled to free hangover cures whenever you need them! All you have to do is brave the long drive through the Cape Flats and give us a visit to get them!

It is in fact, a normal saline solution with vitamin B and thiamine in it. The vitamin B gives it its yellow colour.


Roxy said...

Yay! I'm a winner!! Could help that I am kinda seeing a doctor, and he recommends jet fuel regularly after our big nights! (FYI - it also helps after nights of sex marathons). Just saying.

Dr S said...

Naughty Roxy! You sound like a girl after my own heart. Although I sympathise with you, I am a doctor, but I would hate to date one! I'm grumpy and tired most days - it's a miracle someone actually wanted to marry me...wait..Oh yes, now I remember, my good looks and long legs helped in that regard!


I have another riddle coming up soon - let's see if you'll crack that one...

Roxy said...

Haha, my doctor was/is clever...he started his own finance company and now only does surgeries every now and again.
Now he spends most of his days on his bike, riding up and down the coast, and playing golf.
Amongst other things, of course...


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