Thursday, June 11, 2009

Money Hungry ( Human ATM)

Hello. I just got back from gym. Random. But just thought I'd let you in on the fact that I gym.

So I'm guessing none of you know what the yellow drip is yet. Too bad. I'm not telling.

I will tell you this though; that a frantic mom rushed into the unit the other day, dragging her breathless ten year old behind her.

The ten year old was choking.

I kind of had my hands full with an epileptic fitter.

But Sister B wasn't worried.

Her well-practiced and experienced hand suddenly popped out of nowhere and violently smacked the centre of his back.

The unsuspecting child instantly coughed up a five rand coin.

The mom, completely confused with relief, then smacked her child again presumably to teach him a lesson.

"That was our taxi money!" She screamed at him. She then fished the five rand coin out of it's phlegmy pond on the floor, turned on her heel and marched him out of the unit refusing to waste any more time.

Everyone just shrugged their shoulders and carried on with their duties. Nothing unusual about that, just another normal occurrence in the trauma unit.

I must say that I secretly wished I could give birth to a child that would produce money every time I smacked it. Like a human ATM.

That kid would be black and blue by the time it was five.

p.s. my sister wants me to say that she was the one who "coined" the "money hungry" title for this post. Thanks sis.


Ketan said...

Too good!

Dr S. said...

Hello Ketan - where have you disappeared to?

Muammil said...

This is an EXCELLENT post! Well done...

Dr S. said...

Thanks momo! I'm trying to please you. I know you love corporal punishment - having been on the receiving end of it many times at school. Hee Hee.

Roxy said...

I need to get myself one of these kids. Genetic manipulation perhaps?

Geraldine said...

Thanks to Roxy and religious reading of your blog, I now know what a yellow drip is. I was fearing initially that it involved a mix up between and IV and a catheter. Thank goodness i was wrong!
ps - I would like to know where one can adopt an ATM child. Maybe Madonna knows?

Dr S. said...

Ha ha Geri - your mind is working overtime! A mix up between an IV and a catheter! You're even more gross than I am!

Ketan said...

Hi Dr. S, might post something today, but as you might notice have commented on all your blogs. :)


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