Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodbye, my love.

Goodbye, My Love.
I can't believe our relationship of ten years is over.

The moment I laid my innocent, uneducated eyes on your stylish slender frame,it was apparent that within your beautiful form lay the secrets of superior knowledge and skill.

Oh how I fervently wished for a chance to prove to you my worthiness.
On that first day of our chance meeting, I silently made a pact that should I be granted this one wish, and that I should spend my life dedicated to the mastery of you.

Ten years have gone by, and now abruptly, suddenly, we are together no longer.

I feel as though I've undergone a sudden and violent amputation of a limb.
There is no cure for this wound.
I am haemorrhaging loss and despair from my every pore...

I will miss the comfort of your tender embrace around my neck...

I will miss the gentle way you whispered the secrets of the heart into my ears...

Time and hard work took its toll on you...yet despite your mis-matched ears and wonky spine, I loved you all the more...

Something new hangs around my neck now,my love. But know that you will, and never can be, replaced...

My darling, burgundy, Littman Classic II 3M Stethoscope!!!!!

Why have you forsaken me!!!!

My stethoscope, a doctor's stethoscope, becomes like an extra appendage. A third arm, or an extra hand. Just two weeks after starting my new job, it was stolen...Oh dear, my eyes are starting to well up...

I have had to buy a new one...but it's not the same...we don't share the same familiar old intimacies that I did with my first love...

That one was a gift from my father when I started medical school. Now she's gone. God knows where she is now...probably in the grubby paws of some sick perverted thief with a fetish for "doctor-doctor" games...

If I find you, sicko, you will be on the receiving end of the largest rigid urinary catheter I can find...and it will be inserted, unkindly, and without KY jelly...


deluded said...


I love the way you think. really.

although littman seemed to high class(read:costly)(read:spent it on drinks instead) for me, so I had to make do with a lesser mortal :)

rigid catheter

deluded said...

and madame, there's no need to spruce up a blog thats already this lively :)

but yeah, if you want to copy pics off, go ahead, without worries.

if youre infringing(or some other big lawyer word) any copyrights, the person you copied from is required to first give you a warning notice, before they take any legal action(b/c you can always plead that you didnt know)

so, as long as you know that, youre safe :)

and if you get any, just take the pic off, simple.

although Ive never ever heard of a blogger ever being asked to do that. so its safe enough :)

deluded said...


would you like to write a guest post for me?


if you do, I'll ship some curry over ;)
*lame indian joke alert

thats a whole lot of love shown.

Dr S. said...

Yes, deluded, the 3 times amounts of love shown are duly noted!

I will raise this love with a guest blog post indeed.

No need for curry-shipping needed. Nobody makes curry like my grandmamma anyway.

Am I choosing the guest blog topic or are you?

deluded said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ketan said...


Littman's are supposed to be very costly. I think the least expensive one costs more than 10 times in India what I used to use.

I've heard doctors get used to their stethoscopes, and cardiologists, especially use the same one for their entire careers!

You meant a rigid catheter or Hegar's dilator? And you could always use some histamine jelly to go with it. ;)

Keeping very busy or what?


femail doc said...

Oh dear, why wasn't it perma-hung about your neck? My condolences.

Roxy said...

I am truely sorry for your loss!
Have finally managed to catch up! Yay. You still enjoying your new job?

Laila Of Course! said...

I'm so sorry! :( I know how horrible it is to just completely lose something (much less having it stolen!) that has a lot of sentimental value. I hope you find that horrid, horrid person.

If you ever get the chance, be sure and stop by my blog and comment! And the photo caption contest is still going on, so submit a caption.


Dr S said...

Roxy: Welcome back girl! Missed you! Although, I've probably been on my own blog less than my readers lately! Loving new job, but still getting used to the new shift system- my shifts are always in the afternoon or at night, hardly ever during the day so I'm kind of living in a time your new blog format by the way!

Deluded: I have noted the mail address. However -for a good quality post I'm afraid you will have to wait a little while unitl I get a break from these crazy midnights graveyard psych-infested zombie shifts this week! (I'm not even joking - zombies and psychs - that's what my nights consist of!)

Ketan: Hello! I adore your histamine jelly idea. fantastic. I love people who have creative revenge fantasies like myself!

Femail doc: I took it off as it was getting in the way while I was trying to intubate a patient - and then once we had finished the resuscitation - I tried to look for it and it was gone!

Layla: I certainly will try to comment, when I can!

†J said...

It was real fun reading about your relationship. I feel sorry for you. ;-)

Loved the post. And the naughty you.

Chiya said...

Ow Boy!! I am so sorry.
all the best for a new relationship. :P lolz
was fun to read this

Stupidosaur said...

Somehow my gut feeling built up the moment I read 'slender' and 'stylish'. Got confirmed as soon as I read "comfort of your tender embrace around my neck..." and heart.

I guess I spent lot of childhood evenings checking out if I am dead or alive, so those memory neurons fired up in familiar scenario!

Stupidosaur said...

BTW I head written similar 'personified' poem about my bicycle being stolen, in my diary in class 12. What really freaked me out is, the bicycle was lying around unused untouched and unusable since 2 years. It was a particular 2-3 days when lots of rhymes and poems were coming to my head. It was the week when I wrote the 5-6 'poems' out of the 7-8 total 'poems' I have written in my entire life so far.

The most freaky thing was, I had seen the bicycle lying outside at noon. Few days back I had read a poem by a classmate about running after a bus, missing it and then being all 'grapes are sour' and pragmatic about it, written to sound as if he was after a babe an failed instead if bus.

My juvenile mind found it to be very 'cool' and since I was on a poem writing spree, I decided to use the same ploy, but on a different plot. I wrote about losing my beautiful red bicycle as if it was lost. And when I emerged from the house at night, the bicycle was really really gone! I don't believe in supernatural, or 'mind is one with the universe' or 'power of thoughts' or such junk, but this incident was really freaky!

Thanks for unintentionally bringing up this memory. If I do decide to actually ever get interested in writing a new post on my blog, this might be useful!

Dr S said...

Hello Stupidosaur - welcome to Mad Medicine!

I certainly share your sentiments in not believing in the supernatural etc etc...BUT, most definitely - sometimes freaky coincidences just happen...

Like the incident with your bicycle for example...

Most freaky!

Looking forward to perusing your blog - anyone who can understand the inspirations behind my posts must be on the same brainwave...Cheers!

Ketan said...

Dr. S, if you're awake please do me a favor. go to my latest post--residua's COMMENTS' PAGE, (and not the post page), and kindly send me its link at

Stupidosaur said...

//Hello Stupidosaur - welcome to Mad Medicine!

A little too late for the welcome note :P.

I have already read ALL your previous posts on the day I commented here:

And it goes to show that I came and stayed here not just because of your recently updated fake profile pic. Of course, though not physically real, it could be your internal mental projection of yourself ;)

BTW, you should set up comment alerts to be emailed to you from your blogger dashboard. I'm sure others like me migt want to read and comment on posts they 'missed out'.

Then you welcome note wouldn't lose its ring ;)

//Looking forward to perusing your blog - anyone who can understand the inspirations behind my posts must be on the same brainwave...Cheers!

1) Hope you do get the chance. These days I somehow don't post even though lots of ideas do pass through during the day. Instead I just seem to be posting long post-length comments on other blogs :P
2) thanks for teaching a new word 'peruse'.

Ketan said...

Dr. S,

When did you change that profile pic?

Is that burgundy stethoscope yours? Is that white apron yours? Is that hand that looks like it just punched someone in the face yours?

I mean is that pic yours? :D

Who did you punch, BTW?

And I agree with Stupidosaur that you could subscribe to your own comments' page. That you could simply do by checking on the 'Email followup' box below the comments' field. That way you won't miss out on your patrons' comments!


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