Friday, July 10, 2009

Hookers versus Doctors

As I sit at my kitchen table awaiting the start of my 11pm to 8am shift this
evening, I am struck by the fact that I, the Lady-Doctor-Working-Night-Shift, am not dissimilar to those other Ladies of the Night...

This is how:

*We both work night shifts

*We both can contract HIV, hepatitis C and other funky shit from our occupations.

*We both have a uniform. ( Although mine is slightly less, um, exciting...)

*We're both getting screwed ( Hookers by their clients, and me by the Department of Health)

*We both don't like to tell people what we do in case they ask us for "favours"!!!!


deluded said...


loved the post

although this brings a familiar question

ever been groped by a patient?

Dr S said...

YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! welcome to my blog, Deluded!

Thank you for reminding me about inappropriate touching of the young lady doctor!

This has just opened up a huge repressed file of memories I should have sent to the trash bin ages ago!

deluded said...


guilty as charged :)

I always wonder.

theyre so sick that they cant move out of bed. but energetic enough to......

Ketan said...


So, you already know each other?

I just pimped err blogvertized for Dr. S on deluded's freshest post!

No problems, now you'll have one more ardent follower!


PS: Now I'm doing a rethink on my flat refusal to consider the possibility of your being histrinoic! :P

alpez said...

hahah...very nice...being a medico myself, i cant say i never had the hots for my registrar that i used to do my night shifts with!! hehehe...

Chiya said...

hahahahaha....ladies of the night indeed

Laila Of Course! said...

hahaha, Interesting post!! :) Loved it. I feel like there are always hazards related to working a night shift of a career of any kind...


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