Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes,guys, that is me!

This is for all of you who have noticed the change of profile picture, and are confounded by it!

Yes, that hair is mine.
Yes, that white coat is mine.
Yes, that burgundy stethoscope WAS mine before it got stolen.
Yes, the nose, lips, chin, hand- they're all mine.

And no, Ketan, I was not in the process of beating up a patient!

It's me people, just a little taste, and the only pic I have of my lost stethoscope!


Ketan said...

Thanks, Dr. S! That was quick!

I'm not sure why but your pic is either scaring away a few prospective readers (click) or distracting them too much!

Yes, the picture is quite tastefully done. Who's the photographer, BTW, who'd the sense to keep your face out of it to maintain a high beauty quotient? :P

When you find time, you could read my latest post--'Residua'--will take over an hour, though. And if you do embark on reading it, first read the footnotes.


PS: I'd asked you if you were finished with punching some patient, and not if you were still into it! ;)

femail doc said...

No wonder you are plagued with older gents waving their apparatuses at you!

Chiya said...

You are gonna attract more guys into reading this blog if you put up such a HOT profile pic.


Who took that pic? quite artistic look at you, I must say.

Stupidosaur said...


(kidding. I will not get scared off or too 'much' distracted like Ketan mentioned ;) )

Anonymous said...

Distracting not scaring as Ketan put it...

I mean, after seeing that picture, who wouldn't want to play Doctor with you? lol...

Ok jokes apart, actually beauty with brains is kinda scary...

Ketan said...


May I point out with your welfare utmost in my mind that you'll get to play not a doctor with Dr. S, but a mere, mortal patient (kindly note in this sentence that 'mere' and 'mortal' have not been used loosely, and actually carry meanings of great consequence suggesting respectively your helplessness and possibility of dying in the unlikely event of your encounter with Dr. S).

Also, it would do you good to read at least the last paragraph in this post where Dr. S has so clearly described her plans for male patients and certain *very* rigid things.

And after you're finished with reading my comment as well as the last paragraph of that post, do let us know, if you're still more distracted than scared?

Wish you good health, Rakesh!


Dr S. said...

GENTLEMEN! Let me settle this once and for all:

My best bits are those from the tip of my nose down to my shoulders,the rest is utterly HIDEOUS! Horrific. Ugly. Mortifying. Repugnant.

Which is why I had to become clever. I had to develop my brain and personality because those were the only things I had to go on.

Those of you who are scared - don't be. Start worrying when I look at you menacingly while sharpening my scalpel...that's about the time you should start running. Although it takes a lot to push me to that level. Mostly I'm terribly pleasant and fun to be around!

Can you stop fussing over the picture now and get back to reading my blog?!?!!! :)

P.s. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not flattered though! Cheers! ;P

Laila Of Course! said...

Hahaha, loved the conversation here. And Dr. S, thanks for putting up your real profile picture! I am still loyally reading your blog, not to worry! ahahah.

And would you like to exchange blog links?


Ketan said...

Dr. S,

I've already read major portions of your blog! You write well, but reading all that a.g.a.i.n.? Or maybe, your message is for those gentlemen who're too distracted or sacred. I'm sure your clarification will help! ;)

BTW, did you really not want GENTLEMEN and hardened ladies to fuss over your new pic? ;)

So, got adjusted to the new stethoscope? I'm sure it must have started whispering binaural sweet nothings into your ears by now! :P


deluded said...


youre not single are you? ;)


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