Wednesday, March 11, 2009

illegal blog time

What is the difference between a cockroach and a cricket? they're both pretty disgusting and make me want to vomit. One of the two is half dead, half squashed and crawling cross the on-call room floor, leaving a trail of yellow goo behind it.

Oh well..the cricket/cockroach must be penance for actually being IN the on-call room. So I do what I can't do to my half dying patients with no hope, I end its suffering.

By the way....
This is a secret blog post! Yup, I'm actually on call RIGHT NOW. But actually am NOT on call right now! hee hee! Lucky for me, My friend and I are both on call, so we are beating the system by "splitting the night" which guarantees each of us at least four hours of sleep. It's our way of sticking it to the man. Up yours, man! You want me to work like an unpaid slave, well screw you, my friend and I are both sleeping tonight!

However. I'm not asleep.Why? Why? Because, there is a screaming child wailing its guts out in the waiting room. Screaming like it's being stabbed in the eye. It probably will get stabbed sometime in it's life while living on the flats, but does it have to practice the screaming right now? Where is the mother's breast? Someone find the breast, shove that breast in the wailing mouth and get the kid to shut up so I can shut my eyes in peace!

Honestly. Kids can be really insensitive.

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