Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TV shows that don't scrub up.

Thank GOD for TV shows. Without them we would be exposed as the boring grumpy old farts we really are. TV shows keep us cool. TV shows give us street cred.

Here is my Doctor's opinion of the most popular TV medical dramas: With a rating, out of 5 as a factor of how they enhance our coolness. 1 being uncool. 5 being the most supercool, like Snoop Dog cool.



I absolutely have major issues with this show. It has been running for too long. Give it up already! We can't euthanise our patients when they're terminally ill, so let's kill the things we can! George Clooney left, and then they should have shut the damn thing down. In my opinion, it's just...not really doing anything to make me seem cool in the eyes of the public. The only reason I would ever watch it is for yummy yummy Luka from Eastern Europe. Hotteeeee! As for Noah Wyle, ugh! Read my post about Dr Vinegar and you'll know why I'd rather not comment on him.

Gray's Anatomy


I would have given this a 4/5 if it wasn't for that annoying Meredith Gray character. Us lady doctors are not all that annoying, I promise. This show, actually, does not really deserve to be classed as a medical drama, as it is in fact a soap opera that is set in a hospital, and the characters just happen to be medics. But, the public are unsuspecting, so because most of the doctors in this show are superhot, and brilliant at what they do, it gets a 3/5.


Aahh, Dr House. You get a 4/5. You get 4 because of your grumpiness, your addiction to prescription meds and your brilliant medical mind. There are more than a few real doctor's out there like you. I admit, sometimes your show is slightly ridiculous, and reminds me of CSI in the way it endeavours to solve an apparently unsolvable "medical mystery". Anyhow, I forgive you that because you show the world that Dr's are cool like detectives, cool like Horatio on CSI, cool like Sherlock Holmes...

Private Practice:


This show get's 4/5 because it has Dr Addison Montgomery a hot female surgeon role model who is a millionaire and has AWESOME clothes. It also has Dr Peter Wilder ( the sexy guy from Wings who plays a rugged former Doctors without Borders physician and alternative healer man. the hubby and I play the "Private Practice" bedroom game. I'm Addison, of course, and he's Pete...and then we practice our bedside manner...



AAAH! My absolute freaking favourite medical show in the history of the universe! This show is undeniably the most realistic of all the medical TV shows out there. Brilliant writing, excellent actors, good looking actors,fantastic humorous interpretation of life as medic. THE BEST of them all. After a 30 hour shift as an intern, this was my drug of choice. Coming home...settling in with my friends at Sacred Heart Hospital and laughing myself into oblivion was my favourite way to OD. More often than from the night before would materialise in the episodes...and that's when I knew that God created Scrubs to get me through internship. Thank you God.


femail doc said...

I beg to disagree, House is most definitely 5/5. My top prized possession is an autographed picture of Hugh Laurie wishing me "Happy birthday" courtesy of a pal who works at Saturday Night Live. I've never gotten in to Scrubs; maybe I should try again.

femail doc said...

It's actually hanging in the hallway where every one can admire and envy.


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